Affiliates Policy

The Filerazer's affiliates program offers qualified affiliates and third-party affiliate sites the ability to generate commissions on sales initiated by Filerazers users or third-party sites. This affiliate Policy explains your rights and obligations in participating in the Filerazer's affiliate program.

This policy is part of our Terms of Use. By participating in the Filerazer's affiliates program, you are agreeing to this Policy and our Terms of Use.


Eligibility and registration at Filerazer's affiliate program

Potential partners must apply and be approved by Filerazer to gain access to the affiliate program.


Commissions pay per lead (PPL)

As an affiliate partner, you'll receive 50% of each sale from users who join FileRazer by following your affiliate URL.

Commissions may increase during promotions, but will return to the regular 50% commission rate.

In order to generate a valid PPL commission for an affiliate, an internet user must be referred to the website, purchase a paid subscription, and complete the full payment for the ordered services through the secure ordering system.


Commissions pay per download (PPD)

As an affiliate partner, you will be paid for every download of a file that you have uploaded to Filerazer.

The commissions may vary depending on the commission rate for a particular country.

In order to generate a valid PPD commission for an affiliate, an internet user must be referred to the website and download a file.

The Commission is calculated on the basis of the cost-per-mile (CPM) model.

The current commission amount can be found in our afilliates area.


Commissions tracking

After registering with Filerazer's affiliate program, you will receive a unique URL that will allow you to get paid for affiliate referrals.

Commissions are paid only for sales made when the customer accesses qualified, properly structured affiliate links. Correctly coded links are the sole responsibility of the affiliate partner.

Revenue is credited only for the full download of a file from a unique IP address.

The file size must be at least 1 MB to be rewarded.

File download link is also an affiliate link. If someone signs up as a premium user to download one of your files, you will be paid.

Word-of-mouth recommendations will not lead to an affiliate commission.


Qualifying Sites

Filerazer reserves the right to refuse access to Filerazer's affiliate program based on the content of the Website.

Websites that can not qualify for the Filerazer affiliate program include sites that:

  1. Promote Sexually Explicit Materials.
  2. Promote violence.
  3. Promote discrimination based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disability unrelated to job requirements, genetic information, military service, or other protected status.
  4. Promote activities that are considered illegal under general law.
  5. Violate or otherwise violate any copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of any other website or any person.


Anti-Spam Policy

Filerazer prohibits its affiliates from using spamming techniques such as mass mailing and other types of Internet abuse, including spam in forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media to generate profits.

Spam complaints from other websites can lead to your affiliate account being terminated without the right to withdraw already generated earnings.

Activities considered as spamming include, but are not limited to:

  1. E-mail messages addressed to a recipient with whom the sender is unrelated, does not have an existing business or personal relationship or E-mail messages are not sent on request or with the express consent of the recipient.
  2. Messages/comments posted in Forums, Twitter, Facebook, and Message Boards that are not part of the topic posted on foreign threads, published in bulk, or posted against forum / message board rules.
  3. Comments, news, posts, messages or links posted to websites or free blogs for the sole purpose of keyword spamming, or comments posted to legitimate blogs that violate the blog owner's commenting policy.
  4. Requests to follow links or sign up to being sent in chat rooms or to groups or individuals via chat or instant messaging.
  5. Offline activities that are not classified as spam but are similar, including distribution of flyers, leaflets or brochures to private property, or prohibited by applicable rules, regulations or laws.

Filerazer may, at its sole discretion and with or without notice, take the following actions:

Account Termination: Upon receipt of a credible complaint.

The termination leads to the immediate closure of the membership and affiliate accounts, the loss of all referrals and the collection of unpaid money.

At the discretion of FileRazer, termination not only means that you are excluded from the affiliate program, but that you may not use any services associated with FileRazer.

If you wish to report a violation of our anti-spam policy, please submit all relevant evidence to our customer service:



Abuse of the reward system, or attempting to do so, leads to a permanent ban.

Violation of our Term of Use will result in the termination of your affiliate account and the cancellation of all generated revenue.

Accounts are blocked when generating downloads from suspicious sources (websites), and / or when a huge amount of download is made by proxy, VPN, TOR, Server IP address.

Income generated with a file that is subsequently removed for violating our Terms of Use will not be paid.



The minimum payout is $ 20.

We send the payment weekly, every Monday, for the previous week.

The payment period is minimum 7 days after a withdrawal request. For example, if you request a payout on Sunday, you will be paid on the second following Monday.

Payments are made via PayPal, Skrill, cryptocurrency



Downloads made via IP of a proxy, VPN, TOR, Server are excluded from Pay Per Download (PPD rewards.

Registrations made via the IP of a proxy, VPN, TOR, Server are excluded from Pay Per Lead (PPL) rewards.

The referral users who have their account terminated due to a violation of any of our service user policies will not be rewarded.

Do not share your files on websites that use software to extract the download link without visiting the download page.

Traffic generated with automated downloads or manipulated traffic is not allowed.

Sharing materials that are considered illegal or infringe the rights of third parties is not permitted and will result in termination of your account without payment.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change the reward program at any time with or without notice.

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