A: Filerazer is an internet hosting service designed to host user files. It allows users to upload and download files that can then be accessed over the Internet after a password or other authentication has been provided.

A: Yes, uploading, saving and downloading is completely free of charge. Only if you need to store large files, more disk space and faster download speeds, we offer a premium membership for a very reasonable price.

A: You can upload an unlimited number of files as long as none of these files violate our Terms of Use and do not exceed the maximum file size or the user disk quota. Your download quota depends on your account type.

A: In general, all file types are allowed for saving, uploading and downloading

A: Please send us a message, we are happy to help.

A: Filerazer Offers you four ways to get files into your user account.

1) Upload files via internet browser. Just click on the "Browse" button on the home page of Filerazer and select 1 or up to 10 files, depending on your user level.

2) Upload files that are hosted on a different website on a different server. Insert direct links to files into the link field and click the button "Upload file".

3) You can copy files that are currently hosted at another file hosting service. You can also copy files to your account that are hosted on a different user account on Filerazer. Please note, to copy files from a third-party files host you need an API key that you need to generate on another website to get direct access to files.

4) Upload files using the desktop uploader. With the Desktop Uploader, you can add as many files as you like to the upload queue and have those files automatically uploaded using this app. Currently supported operating systems: Windows, Macintosh.

A: After you make files public, your uploads will appear in your public user folder that you can access by https://filerazer.com/users/<username>/.

Otherwise, your uploads will be kept private and can only be found if you share the upload link with another person.

A: Files marked as "Premium only" or "VIP file" can only be downloaded by someone who has a premium membership with Filerazer.

A: The disk quota for users without a user account (guest user) is not fixed and limited only by the current file size of 500 MB. The disk quota for a user with a free user account (registered user) is 10 gigabytes (10,000 megabytes). The disk quota for a user with a premium user account (paid user) is 1 terabyte (1,000,000 megabytes).

A: The bandwidth quota for unregistered users (guest user) is 5 gigabytes in 24 hours. The bandwidth limit for registered users (free user) is 5 gigabytes in 24 hours. The bandwidth quota for premium users (paid user) is 30 gigabytes in 24 hours.

A: Speed limit for download and upload for unregistered users (guest user) is 20 MBit/s. The speed limit for download and upload for registered users (free user) is 16 MBit/s. The speed limit for download and upload for premium users is unlimited (theoretical limit is about 1 Gbps per IP).

You must create a user account before purchasing premium membership. Create a free user account and proceed with the payment.

Filerazer allows a maximum of 10 uploads simultaneously. If you have added more than 10 files to the upload queue, all files above 10 will be removed and you will receive this error. If you want to close all error alerts at once, just refresh the page in your browser.

A: When security lock is turned on, no changes are possible to your user information, such as changing the password or payment information. To disable the security lock, you must confirm a link that you receive to your personal e-mail inbox. Security Lock is a feature designed to protect your account from intruders. It is recommended to always leave this feature enabled.

A: When enabled, premium users will get a direct link to your files and override the site's general settings whether direct links are enabled or not.

A: After deleting, a file is moved to the trash. You can restore this file within 3 days. After 3 days, the file is permanently deleted without the option to restore.

A: Yes, you can create and share separate folders. To create a link to a folder, go to "My Files", enter the folder you want to share and click on "Folder Link". A link to the folder is created and can be shared with others right away.

A: You can protect your download links with a password. Only people who know the password can download this file.

A: Files uploaded by an unregistered user (guest user) expire in 30 days after the last download. Files uploaded by a registered user (free user) expire 30 days after the last download. Files uploaded by a premium user (paid user) will expire 90 days after the last download. Expired files are automatically removed from our service.

A: To start generating revenue with Filerazer you need to create a user account and apply for Filerazer's affiliate program.

You will also need a digital wallet to receive your payments. Such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill or OKpay. You can set or change your digital wallet address in your members area. The currently available payment methods can be found in our afilliates area.

Filerazer offers four different ways to make money:

  1. Share files and get paid for every download. The current earnings per mile can be found in our afilliate area.
  2. Bring new users to Filerazer and get a commission for every user who has purchased a premium membership.
  3. Sell your files for a one-time payment. After uploading a file, you can set a price per download and start selling files.
  4. If you have a website or blog, you can register your website for Filerazer's affiliate program and earn money for every premium user that comes to Filerazer from your website.

A: As soon as your pending balance reaches the payout minimum, you can request a payout in your member area. Current payout periods and minimum payouts can be found in our affiliate area.

A: With your generated earnings, you can renew your premium membership, or you can create a new user account to give it away or sell it.

A: The currently available payment methods can be found in our affiliates area.

A: By creating new accounts with your earnings and giving them away for free or for money, the new users automatically become your referrals. That means you get 5% of each user's revenue for a lifetime.

A: Files marked for VIP only can not be downloaded by free users. A user is forced to buy a premium membership to download this file.

A:You can set a price for a download. To download this file, everyone has to send a payment to start the download. This payment is collected in your account and can be requested once the general payment threshold has been reached.

A: Go to "Reports" section and check the statistics. There you can see which countries have made the most downloads and how many downloaders have used ad blocking software. Downloaders using ad blocking software will not generate PPD revenue.

A: We offer an upload helper that can help you upload files automatically in large quantities, for example, overnight.

A: You can use any downloader of your choice, eg Jdownloader or IDM. However, to download files automatically, you must be a premium user. The use of automatic downloaders is not permitted for free users.

A: Please use the contact form to inform Filerazer's staff about possible copyrights infringement. Open our abuse notification form and select the subject "Copyright Infringement". In this case, your complaint will be forwarded to our designated copyright agent. For a detailed procedure for submitting a takedown notice, please read our DMCA-Policy.

A: To report a file, you need a link to this file. If you have a link, go to the download page and click on "Report abuse" link in the footer navigation bar.

A: To report illegal content such as illegal erotic, viruses, trojans, warez, nulled scripts, please use our contact form and select the appropriate subject.

A: If you are certain that some of your data has been removed due to an incorrect copyright claim or false abuse report, you can file a counter-notification. Before submitting a counter-notification, please read our DMCA-Policy.

A: For content owners and their legal representatives, we offer a free DMCA agent access.

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